Getting Ready – DUML Physics 54 – Spring 2008

We have been bending over backwards to continue offering introductory physics at Duke Marine Lab, regardless of enrollment numbers.  This spring we are offering physics for one [ yes, this is no typo ] — we are offering physics 54 for one (1) student.  This fortunate young lady will essentially have a one to one  teacher: student ratio,  and we will experiment with a modified distance learning scenario as follows:  Lectures will be via a Tanberg (fancy web cam).   Dr. Brown will be presenting to a class in Durham and I (the glorified TA) will sit with the student at the marine lab end, to help answer any questions, clarify derivations and equations which may not be as clearly presented over the Tanberg as we might like.  Our marine lab student will be expected to participate during lecture, asking questions and attempting to catch Dr. Brown in any verbal or “at the board” mistakes, for which she will earn a Snickers reward (her candy bar of choice).  During recitation sessions, our marine lab student will use the Tanberg to “join” a small group from Durham for problem solving collaboration and presentations.  I will guide and conduct the labs here at the marine lab.  Tomorrow we conduct the first lecture, which will be review material for our DUML student and will serve as a systems check.  I’ll keep you “posted”.

The Tanberg
The Tanberg

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