View From The New Polycom

What a difference a day makes!  The preceding day’s snowy drive allowed for a change in the AV equipment.  Here are a couple of pictures highlighting the new view Wendy and I have during Dr. Brown’s lectures.

Our New View
Our New View

We have much higher resolution and a great view of the board.  We can zoom…

Flux on the Board
Flux on the Board
Gauss's Law
Gauss's Law

We can read Gauss’s Law clearly…and we control the panning and zooming from Beaufort…a great improvement!  Thanks to Jeff Priddy and Susan Gerbeth-Jones for helping to remedy the challenges presented to distance learning by inadequate AV equipment.


One thought on “View From The New Polycom

  1. Looks great. I have a Tandenberg rep coming today to look over our setup and maybe give us a quote or make us an offer we can’t refuse. When he sees that we’ve solved our problem with a competitor’s equipment, I can at least hope that he’ll have a strong incentive to match it in an offer to Duke Physics.


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