Technology is GREAT — when it works

So, generally the distance learning set up for lecture has been outstanding.  Wendy and I have a clear view of the board and control from our end.   Dr. Brown welcomes us before each lecture with a smile, a wave and an  acknowledgement, and he displays conscience awareness of us by occasional comments directed toward Wendy.  We find Dr. Brown to be brilliant, clear and responsive to any questions.  For recitation, Wendy and I  have generally resorted to hanging out together to cover the homework problems and review the lecture material.  From my perspective, this is a very pleasant time;  Wendy is  working diligently and I am getting better at providing “Socratic” hints and encouragement.

This past week has been difficult however — as evidenced by the following e-mail excerpts:

On Friday, from about 12:20 to 12:35, the Marine Lab network lost contact with the rest
of the internet because of problems with the backbone distribution network run by NC-REN.
This wasn’t related to main campus; it cut off us, CMAST, IMS, CCC, and as I understand
it, a good portion of academic networks up to Greenville.

I’m not as certain what exactly happened yesterday, but it was day of much chaos on the
network, this time on main campus.  A large, supposedly un-downable disk array went down
shutting off a wide variety of resources listed in that email.  On the same day, as a
matter of unfortunate timing, the Nicholas School was making a major transition in the
way their network services were handled.  The problem may have been related to one or
both of those, I’m not sure.  My server monitor logs show that here, our outside
connectivity was steady all day Wednesday.  The problem on that occasion was in Durham.

The two events were unrelated, and coincidentally and unfortunately proximate.  Sorry
it’s been rough lately…

–On 3/5/2009 11:36 AM -0500 J. Edward Ladenburger wrote:

All the acronyms confound me — does this OIT mess “explain” the
“outages” I experienced yesterday which prevented DUML physics from being
able to sit in on the lecture in Durham??  [again :( ]

We  missed last Friday’s lecture [our end issues?] and Monday’s lecture
[weather related — didn’t really miss anything since class was canceled]
and now Wednesday’s lecture and recitation.  It has been a difficult

Just a curious cat.


Yeah...we are but a dot in the network
Yeah...we are but a dot in the network

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