Test of Posting with LaTeX ,

I read something, somewhere which suggested that I might be able to post sweet LaTeX generated equations directly, by just using the following tag [tex]…code goes here…[/tex].  So, lets see if it works 🙂

[tex]\Phi_m = \int\vec{B}\cdot\hat{n} dA[/tex]

Bah…further “reading” indicates that I will have to install WordPress locally in order to then install some plugin which allows for this direct LaTeX coding…this will have to wait for another day 😦

for follow up info — check this post or   look  here

One more useful “thing”.  You can practice, learn, or just do some LaTeX coding from any computer, without installing anything,  and you can even get an image of the compiled result to insert — just go to  www.sitmo.com.

Magnetic Flux
Magnetic Flux

We had a momentous day in physics 54 recently — we “fixed” Ampere’s law and discovered how Maxwell got all these equations collectively named after him. Yeah, talkin’ bout Maxwell’s displacement current — so, I edited this post to include another quick and easy “sitmo” equation… the new and improved Ampere’s Law — including the MDC.

Ampere's Law with Maxwell Displacement Current
Ampere's Law with Maxwell Displacement Current


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