Viewing Data

In the “information age”, data abounds and much of it is publicly funded.  Hans Rosling presents data in a visually stimulating manner, tracking stats for countries over time and arguing for far better use and display and availability of data.  Great TED talk!

Wendy is about to complete our “physics 54” via video-link to Dr. Brown’s physics 42 lectures combined with some study and recitation time with me (the physics coordinator/glorified TA at DUML). As Wendy gets prepared for her final exam, I have been thinking about data for the DUML physics students. What metrics can be developed to evaluate the effectiveness of our DUML presentation of physics?

Along another line of thought — what software tools might be added to the physics computers to allow for more sophisticated analysis and presentation of data without adding to the instructional load of a very fast paced summer session?


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