Closure_Spring Physics 54/42

Wendy made it!  After a very hectic last week for Wendy, who was also taking a course from Celia Bonaventura and doing an independent study project with Tom Shultz, Wendy managed to tie up all physics loose ends and perform famously on her final exam.  While I provided some support, she worked diligently and finished with a bang!  Way to go Wendy!

Wendy Finalizes
Wendy Finalizes

Coolness — Near the end of the three hour final exam, a storm blew in and as it passed by, a full double rainbow developed [though you can only see one rainbow in the photo I captured on my cheap digital camera]. I thought this was a perfect end to Wendy’s physics experience at DUML. She was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow — a fine student in all respects!

Rainbow _ Near End Of Final Exam
Rainbow _ Near End Of Final Exam
Rainbow_Feeding Repass Solar Panels ;)
Rainbow_Feeding Repass Solar Panels 😉

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