Let the Problem Solving Begin

Big class, lots of work, fast pace, challenging material, … Physics during summer session has begun in earnest.  We are now into the fourth day of class, and are working on problems from chapter 5.  Here is a picture of from the first recitation session, a couple of days, a quiz, homework set and lab ago.  I have begun to measure time by quiz and lab numbers (quiz 2 will be today — lab 2 on Monday).   At this point the shock of the intense pace has begun to fade and students are settling into the rigorous work load.   The main comments generally center around one of two themes;  either concern about understanding the material and succeeding in the course or about frustration over how to approach the problems.   — well, off to encourage and help with teaching problem solving strategies — I love this job and am impressed every semester with the quality of character in these Duke students.

First Recitation Session
First Recitation Session

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