Physhead Love

When I walked into the Repass Lab this morning and plugged in my ipod to listen to some music and begin grading homework sets, I got tickled by what was written on the whiteboard [see pic]. This is indicative of the bonding and intimacy which occurs when a group of people work intensely together [or suffer intensely together] — in our specific situation – working very hard to understand electricity and magnetism in paradise at the Crystal Coast (DUML), I call this physhead love. When real community begins to develop between a group of really fine individuals, it is very cool to witness and experience. Nearing the end of week one, this class is developing into a beautiful community of hard working students with joy and humor and a supportive nature.

A New Band or Physhead Love
A New Band or Physhead Love

[aside — I am not sure how I got the “after-thought” tag of Hype-man, but I suppose I’ll keep “hyping” 😉 ]


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