Magnetic Field Art

I loved this from the “Evil Mad Scientist” site.  While the results of this particular experimental trial were not entirely satisfactory, the whole concept was fun and interesting to consider.  Take a look at a most interesting “comment” I found associated with this post.  For those who have not checked out their site, do so — and bookmark it 🙂  I have added it to my Google reader.


Impractical idea: Iron filing nail polish

spiky nail polishSome time ago we came across a subtle magnetic nail polish. It had fine magnetic dust in it, and could record the local magnetic field profile at the time that the polish dried.

But hey, why can’t you do this with full-on iron filings? So, for our own bold and impractical take on this concept, we tried mixing genuine iron filings with nail polish (clear, in this case). Mix well, paint on, hold finger over (large) magnet while it dries. Don’t even think about trying to fit those spiky fingertips into gloves.

Results? So-so. The particles aligned with the field and solidified, but have more clumping than we’d like to see.

Maybe slightly finer particles would have been better. Much better would be if we found a good way to work with ferrofluid that could be hardened, or perhaps a version of magnetic viewing film that could be painted onto surfaces. Or maybe, if our version above were redone with RTV silicone, the particles could wiggle around in the presence of an external field.

We leave these important questions to higher minds than our own.

Contributed by: Windell on Friday, August 07 2009 @ 08:43 PM PDT, in EMSL Projects

Here is the comment:

only a tad off subject, but an idea similar to this has been done by body modification artist Steve Haworth who implanted a small powerful magnet encapsulated in PTFE material into the tip of his left ring finger.
a few people in the modification community have followed suit, and along with Steve, have all reported a new human sense of magnetic fields.
Steve has been quoted as saying “I love putting my finger near an electrical socket and feeling the magnetic impulses flow”
I’ve personally spoken to one person who has undergone this type of procedure, and he reports that he can walk into a room and instantly sense all the magnetic fields emitted from objects in that room simply by holding his hand over the object

Magnetic Implants have been in the works for quite a few years in the mod culture, and have yet to be perfected as the encapsulation material has a tendency to breakdown after a couple years, or even months, thus exposing the raw magnet to the flesh.

Reports of this type of implant can be found all around the internet, but is most famously covered on (as that is where Steve first announced a successful implant).


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