A significant component of any physics course is problem solving.  I’ll use this page to post material concerning general problem solving.



This spring semester at DUML [Duke University Marine Lab],  the second course in the sequence of introductory physics for bio/premed majors is being offered for one student who will be joining a virtual recitation group from the main campus of Duke University.  During the live recitation sessions, she will be a talking head on a Tanberg [fancy web cam] while she participates from the marine lab’s video phone booth [a small office where the Tanberg on the DUML end resides].  I create this page to help serve as a tool for collaboration outside of the live session, for reflection on the recitation session, for a log which may serve as review and as data for evaluation of this unique learning environment/situation.  Let the problem solving begin 🙂



One thought on “Recitation

  1. Very cool blog, Ed. I especially liked the article on the “superinsulator” on the front page.

    Yeah, we’re all looking forward to the first recitation in “Futurama” style. The little Tandbergs really are talking heads from our end with Wendy sitting close to see!

    My biggest concern at the moment is that the small Tandbergs appear to BARELY be adequate for Wendy to make out equations at the board, as we determined in our pre-semester tests. I really think we need to look into an upgrade with a zoom/pan capability.

    If we assume that we have a “budget” of at least the money I’m not being paid to teach the course (since I’m doing this for free 🙂 we might be able to swing this if I can’t manage to learn to lecture in letters a minimum of 1″ high (including exponents…


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